Arabic Language Courses


Think of an online Arabic teaching platform, and Alim Live is there. Yes, you read it right. Alim Live is a virtual platform that offers a variety of courses ranging from understanding and learning the Quran to Arabic language classes.

The courses vary from person to person. Since we suggest taking one step at a time, we’ve designed a basic-level course for beginners. After that, the level keeps increasing according to the proficiency and capability of a person. To learn more about our courses, delve below!

Our Exclusive Arabic Courses

Some of our courses include:

1. Basic Arabic Course

  • It is designed for beginners with little to no prior knowledge of Arabic.
  • This course focuses on building a solid foundation in Arabic by introducing the alphabet, basic vocabulary, and essential grammar concepts.
  • Students will learn to engage in simple conversations, greet others, and express their needs and preferences in Arabic.

2. Lower Intermediate Arabic Course

  • This course is designed for learners with a basic understanding of Arabic.
  • Students will expand their vocabulary and grammar knowledge in this course to hold more complex conversations.
  • They will learn to express opinions, describe experiences, and discuss various topics.
  • Emphasis will be placed on improving listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

3. Intermediate Arabic Course

  • It is for students with a solid grasp of the fundamentals of Arabic.
  • This course enhances language proficiency through more advanced grammar structures, extensive vocabulary expansion, and reading comprehension.
  • Students can participate in detailed discussions, understand various Arabic dialects, and express themselves with increased fluency.

4. Upper-Intermediate Arabic Course

  • It is designed for learners with a good command of Arabic.
  • It emphasizes enhancing conversational fluency, developing cultural understanding, and engaging with authentic Arabic texts.
  • Students will work on complex grammatical structures and advanced vocabulary and sharpen their comprehension skills.

5. Advanced Level Arabic Course

  • This course is for learners who are highly proficient in Arabic and aim to refine their language skills further.
  • The emphasis of this course is on advanced grammatical ideas, idiomatic idioms, and subtle language usage.
  • Students will engage in sophisticated discussions, debate contemporary issues, and explore Arabic literature, enabling them to communicate effectively in diverse contexts.

6. Conversational Arabic Course

  • It is for learners who want to focus on practical speaking and listening skills.
  • It solely focuses on developing conversational fluency through role-plays, interactive exercises, and real-life scenarios.
  • Students will learn to communicate effectively in everyday situations, such as ordering food, asking for directions, and engaging in social conversations.

7. Business Arabic Course

  • This course is for professionals who need to use Arabic in business.
  • It contains specialized business-related terminologies and everyday idioms.
  • Students will learn to compose professional emails, negotiate, present, and develop cross-cultural communication skills to succeed in Arabic-speaking business contexts.

8. Introduction to Modern Standard Arabic

Here, you’ll get a comprehensive introduction to the standard form of Arabic used in formal settings, literature, and media.
This course focuses on grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation basics, enabling students to understand and communicate in written and formal spoken Arabic.

9. Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic

  • This course is for learners with a solid Modern Standard Arabic foundation who wish to progress to an intermediate level.
  • It emphasizes expanding vocabulary, improving reading comprehension, and developing writing skills.
  • Students will engage with authentic texts, analyze literary works, and express themselves fluently in formal Arabic.

Objectives of These Courses

  • Availing of these courses helps develop a solid foundation in Arabic, including the alphabet, pronunciation, and basic vocabulary.
  • A learner gets a chance to expand vocabulary and improve listening, speaking, reading, and writing comprehension skills.
  • Improvement in grammar proficiency and understanding of Arabic sentence structures.
  • Promotes cultural competence and understanding of Arabic-speaking countries and customs.
  • It helps learners to converse, express opinions, and describe experiences in Arabic.
  • Build confidence in using Arabic in various contexts, including everyday interactions, business settings, and formal situations.
  • It develops the person’s ability to understand and communicate in written Arabic, including formal and Modern Standard Arabic.

Courses Duration

Each course has a different duration, and most importantly, it depends on the learning capability of a person as to how quickly they get the hang of the Arabic language. So, for course duration-related queries, you can contact us.

These courses aim to equip learners with solid and comprehensive Arabic language skills, ranging from basic to advanced levels. So, if you need any of these courses, get in touch now!


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