Why Us

You can attend online Quran classes with your child/ children. Especially little children need your special support and attention while they are taking online Quran lessons. You can help the child to be focused while they are taking Quran classes.

It is your choice to decide how many days you want to take Quran lessons but best practice to keep regularities in the classes and it a key to success.

We offer affordable online Quran sessions without losing the quality of online Quran classes. We have highly qualified and experienced teachers. You can choose your price plan from Fee Structure. If you pay by direct debit or standing order then you can get 5% discount and we also have family ...

Learning Quran Academy UK is the best Quran Academy to offer wide range of courses and lessons to learn Quran, Tajweed, Hifdhul Quran, Quran translation, Tafseerul Quran, Islamic Studies, Arabic language for kids & Adults.

We have multiple secure payment options. You can pay online via bank transfer, by PayPal, by card and Western Union etc. The easiest option is online bank transfer. 90% who are UK bank account holders are paying online. You can pay by direct debit or by standing order.

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